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LogSurveil LogSurveil: A Simple, Web-Based Log-Tailing Application. FREEWARE ime, viewing the same or different log configurations. Log configurations can be entered using local file system paths on the web server where LogSurveil is installed, or you can use UNC paths to enable you to tail logfiles not on the local web server. The only requirement is that the user that the web server runs as has read access to any logfile you enter in a log configuration. System Requirements to run LogSurveil: Microsoft IIS 5 or greater

Web Log Explorer 7.42: Web log analysis on-the-fly. Get as deep into your log files as you need to!
Web Log Explorer 7.42

Web Log Explorer is an interactive, desktop-based log analyzer for Windows. This analyzer create "multilevel" and cross-linked reports. It allows you to dig as deep into your log files as you need to. Explore your site, proxy or other logs without any limits! Web Log Explorer supports more than 30 log file formats and can recognize log file formats automatically, extract compressed log files, process multiple log files.

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WMS Log Storage 4.5: Generate detailed reports from Windows Media Services raw log files.
WMS Log Storage 4.5

log files and supports the entire set of Windows Media Services log file data and provides the best and most complete analysis of these files. WMS Log Storage supports log files of the W3C Windows Media Services or Adobe Flash Media Server format and exported files in the CSV format. Needless to say, it can recognize log file formats automatically, extract compressed log files, process multiple log files and download log files from various sources

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Log Parser Lizard 4.0.0: Log Parser Lizard is free GUI for MS Logparser and pwerful web log analyzer
Log Parser Lizard 4.0.0

Log Parser Lizard is free GUI for MS Log Parser engine and powerful log analyzer. Analyze your log files and create Excel and PDF reports in seconds. Log Parser is a very powerful, free and versatile tool that provides universal query access to text based data, such as log files, XML files, and CSV files, as well as key data sources on the Microsoft Windows operating system, such as the event log, IIS log, the registry, the file system, and the Active

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Web Log Filter 1.09.01: Web Log Filter lets you extract just the data you want from apache log files.
Web Log Filter 1.09.01

logs in standard web log analysis tools. Web Log Filter runs simple scripts that will rip through a log file at blazing speed and extract just the lines you care about (discarding the rest) and create one or more new log files, which are smaller and more manageable. If you`ve ever tried loading a 5gb log file into a standard desktop web log analysis program you know it can be an extremely painful process. Many web log analysis programs will simply

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Web Log DB 3.45: The Web Log DB exports web log data to databases via ODBC.
Web Log DB 3.45

Log DB exports web log data to databases via ODBC. Web Log DB uses ODBC to export data from raw log files to your database, using SQL queries. Web Log DB allows you to use the applications you have become accustomed to such as MS SQL, MS Excel, MS Access etc. Also, any other ODBC compliant application can now be used to produce the output you desire. Use Web Log DB to perform further analysis in special softs. Web Log DB supports more than 25 log

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Log4Net Dashboard 2.2: Log4Net Dashboard and viewer web application, view and analyze the log4net log.
Log4Net Dashboard 2.2

Log4Net logging framework. Developers and system administrators will benefit from a centralized overview of the log and the easy way to analyze and filter the log. L4NDash have a summary pivot table which instantly gives the user an overview of the logging situation. The initial layout of the summary table can be customized through configuration, and in runtime through filtering. From the summary table the user can drill down to inspect the log events

logging software, viewer, log4net, dashboard

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